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Miracle's Story

          Miracle Malaya was born on [November 1st, 2022] at 31 weeks weighing just 2lbs 11.6oz. Miracle is a twin sister to Faith. Miracle and Faith are one of the unique types of twins out there. They are Monochorionic-Monoamniotic twins, mono-mono

(for short) twins are very uncommon, representing approximately 1% of identical twins & 0.1% of all pregnancies. Each year only around 300 women in the United States have these kinds of twins. Baby (B) Miracle at the time was born with multiple structural abnormalities. Doctors described it as something they had never seen before occurring with mono-mono twins. Through the ultrasound, what they saw was that she had a hole in her stomach, her spine was curved, her bladder was on two separate sides, and a hole in her heart. Thankfully she did not have that hole in her heart because it was one of the biggest concerns that doctors had and it meant she would have to have surgery 12 through 24 hours of life.

          On [ November 7th, 2022] Miracle went into surgery, her father and I waited 6 and a half hours not knowing what the outcome would be. When the doctors came in the room they explained how amazing she had done. Later that night they started to see that her legs were turning purple so they released some stitches which was a swift process.[November 8th, 2022…] We came into the NICU that morning and, Miracle had gone in for a procedure to release all her stitches because she wasn’t getting enough oxygen to her legs. Miracle's father and I got to see her before we had something to eat that afternoon. The doctors had said, "She is just recovering from her surgery and her body is still paralyzed from all the medication."

          Once we left not even 10 minutes later I got a call from her doctor telling me, “It looks like Miracle is not going to make it and you should come back."When we arrived back at the NICU, Miracle had been in a single procedure room and was surrounded by doctors and nurses. Her doctor asked, “If her heart rate completely drops and there is no heartbeat at all, do you want us to pump her heart?” She was so tiny and fragile that pumping her heart could only mean breaking her body with little success in resuscitation. Together her father and I choose to not pump our daughter's heart and keep her whole. As time passed, they only described her body as getting worse. She was barely getting any oxygen to her legs, her body was turning blue and purple, looking so cold and lifeless. Later that evening her father and I made the hard decision to take her off all machines and send her off to be free. This became the hardest thing to do in our lives. Miracle passed away in her father's arms that night at 6:34 pm.

Miracle will forever live on; it may not be in our arms but, she will last forever in our hearts.

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